Saturday, June 4, 2011


And back after being away for sometime.

I realized that I used on-line activities, such as Blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn and also other applications within these applications as procrastination. I originally used my blog as a way of collecting information that I was keen to remember and use in my work but made a goal to finish my master's then come back to blogging. I have now attained my Master of Career Development, although recognize I'll never quite master career development because change is constant and people are as different as they are similar.And what is happening to the world of work?

Chaos theory helps to explain these contradictions for me. I'm fascinated by the calming effect that chaos can actually bring. There is a lot for me to learn about chaos theory but I think one aspect of this theory, Fractals, are at the heart of beauty in nature or at least something that attracts me. Try an Image Google Search for *fractals* to see just how attractive that is!

Pattern, reflection, rotation and transference. My favorite maths topic - geometry. Here is me on a tangent so if you are not aware of M.C. Escher then search Google images for his art. You may wonder where I am heading with this discussion, so hope you also see the relevance. "M.C. Escher... is an architect of perfectly impossible worlds who presents the structurally unthinkable as though it were a law of nature. The resulting dimensional and perspectival illusions bring us into confrontation with the limitations of our sensory perception".

Check out this also Someone applied a hyperbolic paraboloid so you can fly through or zoom into the picture. Note the people on the bridge or the boats in the water. Woodblock art showing pedantic detail.

I didn't even manage to get onto optimism. Next post I'll try to stick to the topic. :)

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