Friday, February 6, 2009

Employability principles

There are four employability principles

The first principle highlights the need to continue to learn and grow as a person so be mindful about your own learning.

1. Learning to continuously broaden and deepen self understanding, and skill sets (and learn quickly)

Some questions to ask yourself related to this principle are:

What would I like to get better at?
What do I do really well? Do I want to carry on with doing this?
Why do I find this really easy to do/learn/understand?
How could I apply this elsewhere?

The second principle follows on from learning about yourself and encourages looking outward.

2. Integration to combine and transfer unique skill sets and personal attributes to different settings and teams

Questions to ask of yourself and others.
What skills am I still wanting to work with?
Who could make use of my skills?
Who could I help with my skills?
How can I show the links between what I have done and what I want to do?
What evidence have I established about my skills?
How would I like to work?

Those who have successfully survived have been flexible! The third principle reminds me of what fate is like - nothing stays the same therefore learn to go with the flow in a positive way.

3. Flexibility and a willingness to quickly adapt and thrive on changing opportunities and realities.

When has there been a time that you have shown that you are flexible and can adapt? Remind yourself of those successful transitions.

The last principle I think needs a bit of creativity and imagining - dream about it!

4. Exploration is required to continually explore/create work, learning, relationship and life style opportunities.

We learn best from experience - do it, try it, give it a go. This way you can be really sure of what you are doing. Be an explorer!

Whether you have yet to start your career or are just trying to remain in employment or thinking of a change, these principles help to maintain a sense of self control over your work/career/job and life!

These principles were listed in my course work and established in this easily understood way by Judy Denham(2003).

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