Wednesday, January 28, 2009


There has been some discussion at work lately about happiness. This came about with the news that Auckland University has a new website called Calm - Have they put this information online because they think people will not be as happy this year!? Is it a cost saving measure so that the over worked counsellors are not trying to teach people how to manage relationships, manage stress etc? In Dunedin some students get SAD (seasonal adjustment disorder) due to lack of sunshine and grey days (in winter time anyway). I am an advocate for mid winter holidays in the sun. The sea on the Gold Coast is warmer in their winter than it is in Dunedin's summer!

*Now I could have a few adverts by Google - as I am thinking how do people make money from blogging! Yes, like Ty, I would like a money spinner. Someone told me they wrote a book and got it published and this provides some passive income. Yup sounds good to me. I'd like to have some of that*

Back to happiness - at anytime one should know what makes them happy.

Yes, is your glass half full! If you are feeling blue what do you do to lift your spirits? - listen to music, go for a walk, sail, run, fish - anything that will ignite a bit of dopamine - natural of course.

Check out the Authentic Happiness site for some interesting tests that I think have some insightful information.

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